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About the ERDI Foundation

Our Story

The ERDI Foundation was established by Eva Erdi in 2014 to honour the lifelong work of Eva and Les Erdi who were committed to philanthropy in Australia and Israel throughout their lifetime.

More than 70 years ago, Hungarian immigrants Eva and Les Erdi, settled in Melbourne. They made a significant contribution to the cities of Melbourne and Geelong as entrepreneurs, constructing apartment hotels and student accommodation in the inner city. These developments brought community life to what had been deserted areas. Eva & Les were also involved in revitalising Melbourne’s Sandridge Bridge which pays homage to the vital contribution of immigrants in Australia.

Through its collection of hotels and businesses, ERDI continues to support the ERDI Foundation’s impactful work.

In 2008 Les was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours for service to the community through philanthropic contributions to educational, charitable and Jewish organisations. Eva & Les gave generously without any thought of public acclamation. Through their philanthropy they converted big dreams into tangible outcomes.

In Israel they funded water management projects in the Arava, rehabilitation of the Yarkon river, reforestation programs, provided support during devastating bushfires, supported new towns in the periphery, and cutting-edge medical research.

In 2015, Eva enabled a major expansion and redevelopment of The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne Australia’s Emergency and Trauma Centre.

Today, Eva & Les’s philanthropic vision is proudly continued through the ERDI Foundation.

Our Commitment to Israel & Jewish Peoplehood

As an Australian foundation that is immensely proud of its Jewish heritage, we express our strong support for the State of Israel, its people, and their security. We believe in:

  • The right of Israel to exist as a modern and democratic Jewish State
  • The right of the Israeli people to live within secure borders
  • Israel’s continued protection of the rights and freedoms of all its citizens and minority groups

We will not work with organisations that work against the interests of Israel’s legitimate rights as a sovereign state including organisations supporting the Boycott Divestments and Sanctions movement, funding or supporting terrorist activities or preaching hate and intolerance.

We seek constructive ways to advance the relationship between the Australian Jewish community, the wider Australian community and the State of Israel, particularly in areas of common interest.

Our Values

Our philanthropy is grounded in our overriding commitment to the Jewish values of:

Repairing the world

Tikkun Olam

תִקוּן עוֹלָם

Collaborating to strengthen community 



Treating all people with civility, humanity and respect

Derech Eretz

דֶרֶך אֶרֶץ

Les Erdi Tribute from ERDI on Vimeo.