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Our Giving

ERDI  Foundation giving is divided equally across the following 3 areas on an annual basis:

–  Jewish Community in Australia

–  General Community in Australia

–  Israel

Jewish Community in Australia

Our approach in Jewish Australia specifically takes account of:

  • Fostering and strengthening the connection of Jews to our community and Israel to ensure relevance, inclusiveness and thriving Jewish continuity
  • Multi-generational and diversity as we believe our community will flourish with broad range engagement and leadership
Focus Areas

Encouraging and strengthening Jewish service, social action, volunteerism and leadership

  • Israel programs
  • Youth and young adult Jewish education and engagement programs
  • Leadership development for Jewish lay leaders and professionals

Services/programs/projects that require and/or are strengthened with a cultural lens

  • Safety and community health
  • Vulnerable populations – aged care, disability mental health, financial distress, housing
  • Arts and culture
  • Spiritual 

Courageous and collaborative strategic community initiatives

  • Initiatives that are brave and communally focused, about looking to the future together as a community and thinking strategically

General Community in Australia

We seek to address both immediate and medium-term needs as well as long-term systemic change.

Focus Areas

Immediate and medium-term needs

  • Family Violence
  • Transitional Housing
  • Essential Requirements

The cycle of disadvantage

  • Employment – helping people access meaningful work opportunities
  • Education – pathways, engagement, leadership, and mentoring
  • Health and well-being

Racial tolerance and social cohesion

  • Initiatives that foster mutual respect and cooperation through engagement, joint learning, and mentoring


Our approach in Israel specifically takes account of:

  • Partnering opportunities with Israeli philanthropists and other local stakeholders
  • Social entrepreneurship and seed philanthropy for early-stage new ideas
  • Areas of need struggling to generate philanthropic support
Focus Areas

Israel’s Security and Resilience

  • Mental health and wellbeing of former soldiers and victims of terror
  • Communities in Israel’s geographical and social periphery

Social Cohesion & Shared Society

  • Jewish continuity and unity, pluralism and inclusiveness
  • Respect and cooperation between religious, racial and socio-economic divides that will enable diverse communities to live and thrive together in an equal and shared society
  • Israel’s vulnerable communities

 Israel/Diaspora Relations

  • Foster mutual understanding and respect of each other’s needs and priorities
  • Strengthen engagement and connection between Israel and Diaspora communities